We are pleased to launch a survey as part of the EFEE project ‘TeacherEd: Capacity building of education employers through the promotion of teacher induction (programmes)’, aimed at exploring how education employers can be better supported in developing effective support for school teachers that are new to the profession. 

The project focuses on “induction” as the programme of (mostly) in-school professional development that offers support and guidance for teachers during their first years of employment.  

In some countries this is a formal requirement, but in some it is not. In some countries teachers are already qualified when they begin their first employment; in other countries teachers are not fully qualified until after their induction.  

Recent research highlights the importance of ‘early career’ teachers feeling integrated and active in a school as they continue to develop their pedagogy and professional identity. Therefore, it is very important that our project gathers the opinions and experiences of current education employers from across Europe. This will help us to share and discuss the most pressing issues and possible solutions, and to develop suitable policy recommendations. 


How can you help? 

The survey is designed for school heads, directors of multiple schools, local or regional (municipality) officers that employ and manage teachers. It is open to those working at all levels of school education and Early Years (kindergarten). If you are currently engaged in one of these roles, and have some responsibility for teachers that are new to the profession, then please complete the survey. 

The survey is available in 25 languages. Most of the questions are multiple choice and the survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Please choose your preferred language below. You will then be directed to an external survey tool. 

The survey will close on 31 January 2024. 

For any further questions about the project, please use our Contact page. 


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