Daniel Wisniewski

EFEE General Secretary

Sarah Kik

EFEE Senior Policy Officer

Michael Moriarty

EFEE President

Education and Training Boards Ireland

David Simmonds

EFEE Vice President

Local Government Association UK

heikki zwart wit
Heikki Holopainen

EFEE Vice President

Association of Finnish Independent Education Employers

barbara zwart wit
Barbara Novinec

EFEE Vice President

Association of Pre-School Principals of Slovenia

Hein van Asseldonk

EFEE Executive Committee member

Secondary Education Council of the Netherlands (VO-raad)

Yiannis Savvides

EFEE Executive Committee member

Ministry of Education and Culture Cyprus

Stephane Vanoirbeck

EFEE Executive Committee member

Secretariat Général de l´Enseignement Catholique en communautés française et germanophone de Belgique

Gyöngyi Kiss

EFEE Executive Committee member

Association of School Headmasters of Hungary (KIMSZ)

Nives Pockar

EFEE Executive Committee member

Association of Secondary and Vocational School Headmasters of Slovenia

Peter-Paul Carabott

EFEE Executive Committee member

Ministry for Education and Employment Malta

Rodrigo Queiroz e Melo
Rodrigo Queiroz e Melo

National Confederation of Education and Training of Portugal

Walter Würfel

BBB – Association of Private VET Education Employers of Germany

EFEE Members

Within the EFEE member structure, each country of an EU Member State has one seat, one vote. However, within this structure, different levels of education can be represented (primary education, secondary education, private schools, higher vocational education, universities) by different national organisations (education councils, ministries, local and regional authority employers’ organisations). The EFEE members are listed in alphabetical order per country:

Belgium – Wallonia: l’AGE and SeGEC / Flanders: GO!, VSKO, OVSG, POV


L’AGE (L’Administration générale de l’Enseignement) is part of the Ministry of the French Community of Belgium. l’AGE deals with career management of education employees and the allocation of student loans and grants.

  • Mr Christian Noiret

SeGEC (Secretariat Général de l´Enseignement Catholique) is an association of independently managed Catholic schools in the French speaking community. http://enseignement.catholique.be/

  • Ms Benedicte Beauduin
  • Mr Stéphane Vanoirbeck
  • Ms Lusin Cetin



GO! Onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap is responsible for providing official education in Dutch speaking Belgium on behalf of the Flemish community. It is financed by the Flemish government but functions independently of the Flemish Minister of Education. GO! is one of the three main educational networks in Flanders. GO! Through its 28 Schoolgroups,  provides education from nursery school, through compulsory school age through to adult education and including schools specialising in creative and performing arts and technical and professional education. http://www.g-o.be/

  • Mr Jens Vermeersch

Catholic Education Flanders is the umbrella organisation for catholic education in the Flemish Community, from kindergarten to adult education. http://www.katholiekonderwijs.vlaanderen/

  • Mr Geert Schelstraete

OVSG (Education Umbrella Organisation of the Cities and Municipalities of the Flemish Community) represents its members and has an advisory service supporting both schools and school boards. http://www.ovsg.be/

  • Mr Patriek Delbaere

POV (Provincial Education Flanders) is the umbrella organization for the provincial schools and centres for adult education and pupil guidance centres in Flanders. http://www.pov.be/site/

  • Mr Dirk Debroey



Bulgaria – Ministry of Education, Youth and Science

Ministry of Education, Youth and Science: Government ministry on behalf of employers in education.  http://www.mon.bg/

  • Ms Iliyana Taneva
  • Mr Georgi Ninov


Croatia – Association of Croatian Secondary Schools Principals

UHSR (Association of Croatian Secondary Schools Principals ): representing headteachers of secondary schools, grammar schools, VET schools and boarding homes.

  • Ms Suzana Hitrec



Cyprus – Ministry of Education and Culture

Ministry of Education and Culture: Government ministry and direct employer of all staff in state schools. www.moec.gov.cy

  • Mr Yiannis Savvides
  • Mr Stelios Christophides



Finland – KT  and AFIEE

KT (National association of municipalities): The municipalities are the predominant employers of staff in schools. www.kuntatyonantajat.fi

  • Ms Maija Mäntylä

AFIEE (Association of Finnish Independent Education Employers) represents over 300 employers in the education and higher education sector in Finland. http://www.sivistystyonantajat.fi/

  • Mr Heikki Holopainen


Germany – BBB

BBB (Association of Private VET Education Employers): www.bildungsverband.inf

  • Mr Walter Würfel


Greece – HAIS

HAIS (Hellenic Association of Independent Schools): www.privateschools.gr/en/

  • Dr. Charalambos Kyrailidis



Hungary – KIMSZ

KIMSZ (Association of School Headmasters): Employers Association of Public Education Institution Leaders. In Hungary, headmasters carry many of the responsibilities of employers in relation to school-based staff.

  • Ms Gyöngyi Kiss



Ireland – ETBI, THEA and ACCS

ETBI (Education and Training Boards Ireland): National association that collectively represents and promotes the interests of Education and Training Boards (ETBs). ETBs employ staff in vocational institutions, as well as secondary and a number of primary schools. www.etbi.ie

  • Mr Michael Moriarty 

THEA (Technological Higher Education Association): THEA is the representative body for 14 of Ireland’s Institutes of Technology. www.thea.ie

  • Mr Joseph Ryan

ACCS (Association of Community and Comprehensive Schools):  ACCS is the national representative Association for 95 Community and Comprehensive Post-Primary Schools nationwide. www.accs.ie

  • Mr John Irwin



Italy – Ministry of Education, Universities and Research

Ministry of Education, Universities and Research: Government ministry on behalf of employers in education. http://www.istruzione.it/

  • Mr Tonino Proietti

ANINSEI (National Association of Non-State Institutions of Education and Instruction) https://www.aninsei.it/

  • Mr Luigi Sepiacci



Latvia – Ministry of Education and Science

Ministry of Education and Science: Government ministry that employs some teachers directly . The ministry conducts the negotiations with the Latvian teacher unions. www.izm.gov.lv

  • Ms Gunta Araja



Malta – Ministry for Education and Employment

Ministry for Education and Employment: Government ministry that employs some teachers directly and regulates the education system as a whole. www.education.gov.mt

Mr Peter-Paul Carabott



Montenegro – Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education: Government ministry on behalf of employers in education. http://www.mpin.gov.me/

  • Ms Vesna Gajevic



Netherlands – VO-Raad, PO-Raad, and MBO-Raad

VO-Raad (The Secondary Education Council): National association of governing boards of secondary schools. www.vo-raad.nl

  • Mr Hein van Asseldonk

PO-Raad (The Primary Education Council): National association of governing boards of primary schools. www.poraad.nl

  • Mr Hugo Levie

MBO-Raad (The Association of VET colleges): National association of governing boards of VET colleges. www.mboraad.nl

  • Ms José Faber


Norway – Association of Local and Regional Authorities

The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS) represents all of Norways 426 municipalities and 19 counties. www.ks.no

  • Ms Ase Erdal and Ms Marianne Lindheim



Portugal – Ministry of Education and Science, CNEF, ANESPO, and AEEP

Ministry of Education and Science: Government ministry on behalf of employers in education. www.min-edu.pt

  • Mr José Lemos Diogo

CNEF (National Confederation of Education and Training) www.cnef.pt

  • Mr Rodrigo Queiroz e Melo

ANESPO (National Association of Professional Schools) www.anespo.pt

  • Secretariat

AEEP (Federation of Private Education Providers) www.aeep.pt

  • Secretariat


Romania – EDUFORM Education and Training Employers Federation

EDUFORM Education and Training Employers Federation: represents private education and training employers in Romania and is founder of the Sectoral Committee on Education and Continuing Vocational Training.

  • Mr Silviu Ispas



Slovakia – Ministry of Education / Association of Education Employers

Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic / Association of Education Employers: Government ministry and national social partner on behalf of employers in education. www.minedu.sk

  • Ms Iveta Hermanovska



Slovenia – Ministry of Education and Associations of Headmasters for pre-primary, primary, secondary and vocational education

Ministry of Education, Science and Sport: www.mizs.gov.si

  • Ms Andreja Barle Lakota

Association of Secondary and Vocational School Headmasters

  • Ms Nives Pockar

Association of Secondary Schools and Dormitories

  • Ms Fani Al Mansour

Association of Primary and Music Education Headmasters

  • Mr Gregor Pecan

Pre-school National Principal Association

  • Ms Barbara Novinec



Sweden – SALAR and SAGE

SALAR (The Swedish Association of local authorities and regions): The national association of municipalities, county councils and regions, which employ most teachers in Swedish schools. SALAR is a NGO and an employer’s organization for all the 290 local authorities, 18 county councils and two regions in Sweden. SALAR is responsible for term and conditions of teachers, school support staff in pre-school, primary, secondary and upper secondary education in Sweden. http://skl.se/web/About_SALAR.aspx

  • Ms Malin Looberger

SAGE (Swedish Agency For Government Employers): The Swedish Agency for Government Employers is a membership organisation for Government agencies. www.arbetsgivarverket.se

  • Mr Torbjörn Eklund



United Kingdom – UCEA, LGA and LGE

UCEA (Universities and Colleges’ Association): National association of universities and colleges of Higher Education for the whole of the UK. www.ucea.ac.uk

  • Ms Helen Fairfoul

LGA (Local Government Association of the UK): The LGA is the national voice of local government. We work with councils to support, promote and improve local government. http://www.local.gov.uk/

  • Mr David Simmonds
Paul George Jersey