Education Chatter

In November 2023, EFEE launched its affiliated YouTube channel Education Chatter, an independent space to discuss the ever-changing landscape of the education sector.

New interviews focussing on topics of great interest featuring our Secretary General Daniel Wisniewski and experts from all over the world are published every Friday afternoon. You can browse among our topics below – as always, if you like our content, please consider liking and subscribing to our channel!

Artificial Intelligence and Teachers

Future of Learning

Attractiveness of the Teaching Profession

Impact of AI on Learning

Shadow Education

Teaching Ancient Languages 

The 2022 PISA Results

Learning Languages in the age of AI

Impact of digital technologies on young children


STEAM Education

Game-based Education


Civic Education

The Portuguese Education System

Skateboarding in Education

Policy-making in Education 

Education in South Africa

ChatGPT in Education

Cellphones in the School Classroom

Impact of Digital Technologies in school classrooms

EFEE Official YouTube channel

EFEE also hosts an ‘official’ YouTube channel featuring a wide range of content from our past and future events and initiatives – including short and long-form interviews, extracts from different sessions, overview of our projects and activities and other relevant materials. Feel free to take a look at some of the selected content below and subscribe to stay up to date as we seek to bring you more and more relevant and engaging information!