The European Federation of Education Employers is pleased to announce a call for subcontractor to provide research expertise for the implementation of the project “Teacher Acquisition – supporting experienced professionals in accessing the teaching profession in vocational education and training (VET)”. This 2-year transnational project is supported by the European Commission under the ERASMUS+ LSI.

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The European Federation of Education Employers (EFEE) is a recognised European social partner organisation for education employers. EFEE represents a total of 61 education employers’ organisations distributed across 27 European countries covering all sectors of education. EFEE’s partners include ministries of education, local governments associations, non-public and private school associations, school boards’ and school heads’ associations, Conference of University Rectors, and Networks of Private Universities. Our mission is to improve the quality of teaching and school management through European cooperation and dialogue. As an officially recognised European social partner in education, we, thereby, are in constant dialogue with EU institutions as well as other European partners such as trade unions and various educational networks.

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The expert is expected to perform the following tasks in the time framework from February 2024 to December 2025:

1. Participate in an initial online pre-project meeting with EFEE, attend four confirmed in person meetings and a yet-to-be-determined number of online sessions (usually max 2 hours) with the Project Advisory Group. The in person meetings will be integrated with other in person events. Furthermore, the project also encompasses three peer learning activities, and conclude with a final conference.

2. Develop, with the input from the project advisory group, an online survey to be carried out amongst EFEE member organisations to get insight into their current knowledge, practices, opportunities and challenges when it comes to teacher acquisition in vocational education and training (VET) in the EU.

3. Conduct desk research to map teacher acquisition in vocational education and training (VET) in the EU in order to develop a substantial research report. The research report should address the need for concrete actions when it comes to teaching competences in VET and possible lack thereof among professionals willing to transition to the teaching profession. Furthermore, the report should present results from the survey and input from the PLAs along with relevant conclusions.

4. Investigate the EU teacher acquisition situation in VET, identify and analyse the necessary teaching competences for craftspeople who are transitioning to teaching in VET. Compare this with the knowledge gained through hands-on experience in the host countries of the PLAs, while looking for a redefinition of the concept of teachers working time.

5. Scientifically accompany the peer learning activities and subsequently, draft a reflection report based on the evaluation and analysis of the findings gained after each activity. The reflection reports will be presented to the Advisory Group members for input and approval.

6. Draft a final research report (including Executive Summary), outlining the outcomes of all project activities (incl. survey, desk research, peer learning activities) and drawing conclusions on the teacher acquisition in vocational education and training (VET) in the EU.

The contractor is also expected to display the following competences:

1. Proven (research) experience and extensive knowledge of teacher acquisition in vocational and education training (VET)

2. Understanding of social dialogue structures in education is preferable in order to identify the most pressing challenges and opportunities accordingly.

3. Experience in conducting surveys in the education sector.

4. Understanding of the role of employers and social partners in the education sector as well as an overall understanding of the education sector (both on the European and national level).

5. Ability to communicate fluently verbally and in writing in English (at least C1 level). Additional European languages such as Dutch, Lithuanian, and Portuguese will be considered an asset.

The Contractor contributes to the successful development of the project as a whole by actively participating in various project activities and meetings. The Advisory Group is the body entitled to guide the project/research implementation as concerns its organisation and evaluation.

Content and Presentation of the Bids

The bids should contain a detailed explanation of the qualifications and the expertise of the potential contractor, e.g. information on references from the contractor on similar projects already handled, to demonstrate their experience and capability to succeed in performing the tasks as set out in section 2 of this tender.

The bids should include a detailed description of the methodology and tools applied to implement a project plan with detailed time and cost planning. The potential contractor is also requested to send a budget listing the costs by task including a fair estimation of the number of working days and the number of people participating in the tasks (if more than one researcher would be involved).

Applications must be presented by the 31st of January 2024 to and

Subject: Expert Researcher for Teacher Acquisitio

More information about this call for tender is available inside the document below.

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