The final EFEE-ETUCE Research Report for our joint project “European Social Partners in Education promoting Environmental Sustainability in School Learning, Teaching and Management” is now available for consultation.

Over the last two years, the social partners in the education sector – through events such as Peer Learning Visits (PLVs) and a Final Conference, as well as surveys and the development of policy recommendations and guidelines – facilitated dialogue on the key subject of education for environmental sustainability, a matter of crucial importance in the overall efforts to tackle the impact of climate change and global warming. 

Take a look at the document below to see the full analysis, as well as recommendations and conclusions resulting from the project. 

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined our events, providing their input and contributing with their experiences – and in particular to all of the member organisations who helped us social partners in the overall organisation of the project. 

EFEE-ETUCE_Research_Report_Enviromental Sustainability_2024 2 (1)