Last month the European Commission published the present report in which the outcomes of a selection of 15 past Erasmus+ projects promoting inclusion in education carried out between 2014 and 2020 were compiled. Through a review of such projects and their findings, this paper aims at highlighting successful practices and approaches in the field of promoting inclusion in education and to support European policy development in this department.

The report focuses on 15 projects picked from an inventory of 120 Erasmus+ projects related to the topic at stake covering all levels of education and the following policy aspects: learning environments; learners and learning climate; teacher agency in tackling educational disadvantages; school governance and leadership; active involvement of parents and families in school life; and partnership and collaboration in and around schools.

After summarizing the projects and their outcomes, the paper presents a series of recommendations on improving inclusion in education, creating lasting impact, on support to boost successful approaches and on how Erasmus+ can increase its impact on inclusion in education.

To read the report please access this link: 01aa75ed71a1/language-en