June 29 the Labour Market Observatory held a remote public hearing to present the findings of its study on “The work of the future: ensuring lifelong learning and training of employees” which have been gathered into the project’s final report.

The above-mentioned project focused on topics such as the financing of lifelong learning, the issue of equal access to lifelong learning, the validation of competences and skills linked to labour mobility across the EU, and the question of lifelong learning in the public sector. To collect relevant data on these issues, a questionnaire was sent out to social partners and third-sector representatives in twelve EU countries, six of which hosted a fact-finding mission with regard to the project: Croatia, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden.

During the hearing, speakers representatives of the European institutions, of the social partners and of other civil society organisations and nationals of European countries that had and that had not participated in the project, shared their knowledge on the topics at stake. EFEE was able to participate through its member organisation, Education & Training Boards Ireland (ETBI), whose General Secretary, Paddy Lavelle, did a presentation on the FET Strategy 2020-2024.