On 14th and 15th March in Copenhagen the European Social Partners in Education organized a Special Training Seminar within the project on ‘Effective Integration of Migrants and Refugees in Education’. The Training Seminar dedicated to EFEE and ETUCE members from Northern and Western European countries, was the first presentation of the outcomes of the project to a wider audience aiming at collecting feedback on the results achieved in the first phases of the project. The key moment of the event was the presentation of the research study prepared by prof. Nihad Bunar from the University of Stockholm. The key note speaker summarized the findings coming from the case study visits organized within this project to Spain, Serbia, and Flanders. Later on special guests from the European Commission also presented their findings in the most recent Eurydice report on the integration of migrants and refugees in education systems in Europe. On the second day of the event, the participants focused on developing policy recommendations which should also be the outcome of this project presented in the European Social Dialogue Plenary meeting in December 2019.

For more information, please contact daniel.wisniewski@educationemployers.eu