The second EU Convince training workshop “The whole-school approach as a tool to prevent radicalisation and extremism” took place in Paris on the 5th of March 2019.  The whole-school approach recognises that learning and wellbeing are intimately linked. It involves addressing the needs of learners, staff and the wider community, within the curriculum and across the whole education institution and learning environment.

Presenters and participants discussed the key elements of a democratic culture of an education institution and the challenges in implementing the whole-school approach. Some of the conclusions included investing in building networks which encompass all stakeholders, and at all levels. School leaders, staff and students should be represented at local, national and EU levels. The participants also mentioned fostering co-operation between schools and NGOs that can partly contribute to citizenship education.

The EU Convince project outcomes so far include

  • Massive Online Open Course (MOOC)The course will take place during 29 April – 9 June 2019 and enrolment is free until 19 May 2019.
  • A research online survey, which has collected the views of ETUCE, EFEE and ESHA members on the challenges and good practices related to civic and citizenship education. The successful and innovative best practices and insights will feed into content of the MOOC.
  • The Facebook group “Schools for Inclusion”. The project leaders invite EFEE members to join this platform to exchange existing successful practices of inclusive education and teaching democratic citizenship and human rights and to discuss emerging challenges.

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