On 17-18 February 2020, the third Peer Learning Visit (PLV) of the joint EFEE-ETUCE project on “Lifelong Learning for All: Inclusive Vocational Education and Training” took place in Vila Praia de Âncora & Viana do Castelo (Portugal). The event was hosted and co-organised by ETAP – Escola Profissional and MBORaad (a member of EFEE). In total, over 20 participants from both EFEE and ETUCE from Belgium (GO!, POV & VLHORA), Finland (AFIEE & OAJ), Germany (BBB), the Netherlands (MBORaad), Portugal (ANESPO, CNEF & FNE), and Slovenia (DR & ZRVS) took part in the PLV.

Integration of young and low-skilled adults in the labour market

On the first day, the participants were welcomed by the City Councilor of Caminha, Liliana Ribeiro, at the ETAP – Escola Profissional of Vila Praia de Âncora. Participating members not only received the opportunity to delve more deeply into the dynamics and challenges of lifelong learning in Portuguese education through several informative theoretical presentations but were also introduced to some innovative good practices. Firstly, Angelina Presa from ETAP presented their successful programme called “Oddiseia 2030”, which aims to facilitate the integration of young people into the labour market. Following her presentation, Maria de Lurdes Costa introduced the participants to the education and training courses (CEF) the Escola Profissional de Aveiro offers to early school leavers that have been rejected by every other school. Lastly, Luis Ceia, the President of the Alto Minho Business Confederation, and Goretti Silva from the Hotel Fábrica do Chocolate provided the participants with an overview of how their companies organize work-based learning of staff and students. Both the theoretical and practical examples provided by the guest speakers sparked a debate amongst the participants on career guidance in schools, international internships, the design of pedagogical projects within education institutions, and the differences in funding opportunities between private and public schools.

The second day of the PLV was opened by a visit to the ETAP – Escola Profissional of Viana do Castelo. This visit allowed the participants to not only go into different classrooms and acquaint themselves with their learning facilities but also to meet and interact with the students and teachers. Subsequently, the participants were welcomed in the Municipal Library of Viana do Castelo, where several members of local and national government expounded on their role in promoting lifelong learning for all. As a final highlight, a new project for social and cultural inclusion called “School4All” was presented by José Luis Presa, the Director of ETAP Viana do Castelo.


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