On 24 November, the joint hearing of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), ETUCE and EFEE on “The role of teachers and school heads in improving the status of VET” took place in Brussels in the premises of the EESC. On the occasion of the second European Vocational Skills Week, ETUCE and EFEE wished to promote wit this event the role of the education social partners in improving the quality of VET and apprenticeship systems across Europe. During the event, EFEE General Secretary, Daniel Wisniewski, and Susan Flocken, EU Director of ETUCE, officially presented the Joint EFEE and ETUCE Statement on improving Vocational Education and Training in Europe. Furthermore a VET teacher (from Romania), student (from Denmark) and school leader (Nives Pockar, EFEE member from Slovenia) shared their testimonies on the status of VET in their respective countries. This session was followed by a panel debate between ETUCE and EFEE members (on behalf of EFEE Veronique Feijen from the Dutch MBO-raad and Dirk Debroey from Provincial Education and Flanders participated) on how effective social dialogue in education can contribute to improving the status of VET. Consequently prominent officials from EU level reflected upon possible actions that could be taken at EU level to improve the status of VET. This panel sessions features speakers from the CULT Committee of the European Parliament (Michaela Sojdrova), a representative from the Estonian Presidency (Rita Siilivas), an expert of CEDEFOP – the European centre for the development of vocational training (Irina Jemeljanova), and a specialist of the European Training Foundation (Julian Stanley). The meeting was concluded with closing remarks by EFEE President Michael Moriarty, ETUCE President Christine Blower, and Pavel Trantina, SOC Section President in the European Economic and Social Committee, on how EFEE, ETUCE and the EESC could join forces to further work on promoting quality VET in Europe.
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