EFEE and ETUCE are looking for an external research expert and film maker for their joint project “European Sectoral Social Partners in Education promoting effective integration of migrants and refugees in education”. The project aims to contribute to prepare education institutions for a successful integration of students of migrant origin in education including the competencies of teachers, educators and school leaders.

Regarding the external expert, we require a contractor, providing an external and objective scientific perspective and expertise on the issue at stake, to carry out the case studies in the target countries for the need of the following skills:

  1. Experience with research on migration and social issues, such as EU and national agenda on migration, asylum and integration of third-country nationals, social dialogue and industrial relations, education policy;
  2. Experience in conducting surveys/interviews in the education sector in English (other additional languages are an asset);
  3. Understanding of the concerns of employees and employers in the education sector as regards the needs of education institution to prepare and cater for the specific needs of migrants and refugees, e.g. through language acquisition, psychosocial counselling and intercultural competences;
  4. Understanding of social partners joint initiatives at national and European level.

The call for tender is available here.

Regarding the film maker, we are looking for a film maker who will be working on the production of a short video, using the collected and analysed information from the social partners through case studies in four selected countries.

The call for tender is available hereT.J. Jones Jersey