On 21 May 2021, EFEE participated in the ENETOSH network meeting, which was held online. The main objective of this meeting was to introduce the participants to the ongoing developments regarding OSH at the European level.  Firstly, Ms Ulrike Bollmann and Ms Vinka Longin Pes presented the updated ENETOSH Strategic Framework 2021-2025, which is based on the following four goals: (1) Exchange of knowledge and best practices on OSH, (2) Promote effective integration of OSH, (3) Address policy, research and practice, (4) Promote networking in two directions.

Subsequently, EU-OSHAs “Lighten the Load 2020- 22″ Campaign – MSD and future generations, to which EFEE is an official Campaign partner, was presented by Mr. Lorenzo Munar and Mr. Tim Tregenza from EU-OSHA. As a next highlight, participants were informed about the survey on “the integration of good work (SDG 8) into higher education: Quality assessment of postgraduate safety education programs”, which is available here. EFEE has officially applied to become a member of the Task Force that supervises this project and that is part of the ILO Global Coalition for Safety and Health at Work. The meeting was closed by giving an overview of the upcoming ENETOSH activities.

For more details, please contact isaline.ossieur@educationemployers.eu