During the Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council meeting of 21-22 November, the Council adopted a resolution on a “New Skills Agenda for an inclusive and competitive Europe” in response to the Commission’s communication on the strategic importance of skills for sustaining jobs, growth and competitiveness.

The resolution highlights the aspects that the Council considers as most important, in particular:

  • the fact that education and training should not only prepare people for the labour market, but should also contribute to social inclusion and to the development of engaged and active citizens;
  • the need for excellent teachers and trainers;
  • closer links between education and training and the world of work;
  • development of the flexible mindsets and curiosity needed to adapt to future needs;
  • efficient and effective coordination at EU level in the area of education;
  • adequate EU funding for actions under the New Skills Agenda.

The Council resolution is available herePhilipp Grubauer Authentic Jersey