On 7 December 2016, the European Commission adopted a Communication setting out its vision for ensuring a high quality education for all. The Communication on improving and modernising education emphasises the strategic of importance of education in the EU. Investing in education represents society investing in its people and its future.

In 2017, the EU will present a new plan of action to increase the quality of and access to early childhood education and care. In schools, it will help adapt and develop school education as it responds to societal, economic and technological change. It will look to build links between schools and their local communities and provide stronger support for teachers and school leaders.

In the field of higher education, further efforts are needed to ensure that graduates are equipped with the right skills to succeed. In particular, increasing quality of teaching in higher education must be a particular focus and will require both investment and recognition of its value relative to research output. These will be among the issues tackled in an renewed EU strategy for higher education that will also be presented next year.

For more information, see website of the European Commission.

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