outcomes et2020 working groups 2014-2015 published

The European Commission published a report with the outcomes of the ET2020 Working Groups of 2014-2015. EFEE would like to express its gratitude to our members for their active contribution to the ET2020 Working Groups. In particular we would like to thank:

– Pat O’Mahony (Education and Training Boards Ireland) who participated in the Working Group on Vocational Education and Training.

– David Simmonds (Local Government Association UK) who participated in the Working Group on Adult Learning.

– José Lemos Diogo (Ministry of Education and Science Portugal) who participated in the Working Group on School Policy.

– Esa Hamalainen (University of Helsinki – Association of Finnish Independent Education Employers) who participated in the Working Group on Modernisation of Higher Education.

Furthermore the EFEE Secretariat took part in the Working Group meetings on Transversal Skills, including Language Skills, and Digital and Online learning.

The Working Groups are designed to help Member States address the key challenges of their education and training systems, as well as common priorities agreed at European Level. The report with the highlights of the Working Groups of 2014-2015 is available here.

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