Dear Members and Friends of the European Federation of Education Employers (EFEE)

As of September 2016, the Executive Committee of our organization entrusted me with position of General Secretary. On this occasion, I would like to thank my predecessor, Bianka Stege for her tireless efforts to develop this organization, assure stable sources of funding, and increase its advocacy impact at the European Union level.

I am looking forward to continue this work, in order to represent the voice of education employers, and to promote the social dialogue both nationally and internationally. EFEE has gone through a significant transformation as the number of members, funding sources, and the scope of advocacy presence has been increasing. EFEE is currently a recognized social partner participating in the European Sectoral Social Dialogue together with European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE). We are present in various working groups organized by the European Commission, especially in Directorate-General for Education and Culture and Employment. We participate in diverse European and international networks, providing invaluable input to contemporary debates about education. Finally, we promote social dialogue both nationally and internationally by organizing special roundtables with participation of national social partners and international guests, in order to share best practices across countries.

In the coming years, EFEE will continue its work, in order to build closer cooperation between national social partners, and to establish linkages between national and European Social Dialogue in the field of Education. We will also continue our search for possible member organizations in different European countries, in order to extend our network and promote social dialogue in the education sector.

We will also continue our development in terms of advocacy activities at the European Union level by expanding our presence not only to the European Commission, but also other decision-making institutions, like the Council and European Parliament, our emerging networks on particular topics like European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA).

Finally, EFEE will remain an open, informal network, sensitive to the voice of its members, able to support your work at national level and represent your voice in Brussels. I am looking forward to meeting you all, and working with you in the future. If you wish to contact me, I am always available via email:

Kind Regards,

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