On 20 September, EFEE President, Michael Moriarty, and General Secretary, Daniel Wisniewski met with European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Günther H. Oettinger. The meeting was organized in order to launch extensive public consultations inviting representatives of all sectors to share their main concerns related to digitalization of economy and society. The roundtable was chaired by Commissioner Günther Oettinger responsible for Digital Economy and Society in the present Juncker’s Commission. All representatives of different economic and social sectors agreed that digitalization transforms all spheres of our everyday life. The growing importance of internet-based technologies affects the way people think and communicate. Therefore, all business sectors need to address these changes, in order to respond to the requirements of consumers. Simultaneously, the participants underlined the importance of education sector, as the main driver for digitalization, calling for the introduction of appropriate subjects, like programing, computing from the lowest education levels possible. The participants also called for the promotion of greater linkages between business and education sectors, in order to assure qualified workforce for the labour market. Finally, Mr. Moriarty stressed that education systems need to become more flexible, in order to address constantly changing demands of economy. The meeting have been concluded by Commissioner Oettinger assured the participants that European Commission will value their input in an ongoing discussion concerning the strategy for digitalization.

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