At the beginning of December, SGI-Europe and EFEE put an end to their two-year joint project “Green Skills in VET”. This project combined the expertise of education providers and public sector providers, specifically from the fields of water, transport and energy, with the aim of promoting the teaching of green skills within Vocational Education and Training (VET) programmes to build a skilled workforce, which is indispensable for the materialization of the green transition.

During 2021 and 2022 several workshops were organised within the scope of the project to identify the best practices and challenges to the implementation of Green-oriented Vocational Education and Training for each of the sectors analysed in the project. For the Water sector, we organised a workshop in the “Escuela del Agua” in Tarragona, Spain; for a deeper look into the Transport sector, SGI Europe and EFEE co-organised a workshop in Portugal at the “Instituto Profissional de Transportes – IPTrans” and another workshop with MBO Raad at the “Secondary Vocational and Education and Training (VET)”. In addition, several other companies, organisations and VET institutions from a variety of countries such as France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal or The Netherlands, and linked to the three aforementioned public sectors were analysed to find best practices.

On December 5, the Final Report of the project was launched and presented at the SGIEurope-EFEE Final Conference on Green Skills and VET by the project’s researcher Margherita Roiatti. Moreover, during the roundtable discussion, Lluc Pejo Climent, from “Escuela del Agua”, Jean-Michel Romann, from Union Française de l’Electricité and Frank Rem, from MBO Raad, provided further insight into the results of the final report.

Daniel Wisnieski, General Secretary of EFEE, and Valeria Ronzitti, General Secretary of SGI Europe, reminded participants once more of the importance of this collaboration and research to upskill and re-skill public sector workers in the context of the Green Transition.

You can read the full Final Report here.