On 5 October, the European Commission has adopted a proposal for a European Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships. EFEE as European sectoral social partner in education has contributed to this initiative by participating in two social partner hearings and by providing a written statement.

To assess the quality and effectiveness of an apprenticeship, the Framework proposes seven criteria for learning and working conditions:

  1. Written contract;
  2. Learning outcomes;
  3. Pedagogical support;
  4. Workplace component;
  5. Pay and/or compensation;
  6. Social protection;
  7. Work, health and safety conditions.


The Framework also proposes seven criteria for framework conditions:

  1. Regulatory framework;
  2. Involvement of social partners;
  3. Support for companies;
  4. Flexible pathways and mobility;
  5. Career guidance and awareness raising;
  6. Transparency;
  7. Quality assurance and graduate tracking.

More information can be found on the website of the European Commission.

 Kyle Brodziak Jersey