The challenges and opportunities of the digital era were in focus in the EU CONVINCE (COmmoN Values INClusive Education) training workshop, which was organised in Berlin on 2 April 2019. This event follows the workshops organised in Rome and Paris in spring 2019. It addressed the impact of digitalisation on inclusive education and topics related to the responsible use of ICT and social networks in school in the context of democratic digital citizenship.

EU CONVINCE is a joint project of ETUCE (European Trade Union Committee for Education), EFEE(European Federation of Education Employers) and ESHA (the European School Heads Association).

The workshop participants presented both challenges and successful approaches in promoting democratic digital citizenship. They also discussed how issues such as online safety, data protection, cyberbullying, online indoctrination, fake-news and misinformation can be addressed through education. In detail, this comprised conversations on questions including what actions and initiatives are needed to foster the ability to reflect and think critically, and how to address through education the growing individualisation of students and the loss of the true collective versus a digital collective.

The activities and outcomes of the EU CONVINCE project include

  • Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), for which registration is open till 19 May.
  • Facebook group “Schools for Inclusion”. This is a platform for exchanging existing successful practices of inclusive education and teaching democratic citizenship and human rights, and discussing emerging challenges. Project leaders invite you to join the group and share your experiences.
  • An online research survey which collected the views of ETUCE, EFEE and ESHA members on the challenges and good practices related to civic and citizenship education.

What’s next?

The closing conference of the project will take place on 14-15 November in Warsaw. As one of its focus areas, this event will discuss the best practices identified in the research survey and the 3 EU CONVINCE training workshops. The conference will also validate project outputs with partners.

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