On 20 November, EFEE’s Special Sector Committee for Vocational Education and Training (VET) met in Brussels. In order to be well informed on the latest developments at EU level in the field of VET, Joao Santos, deputy head of unit DG EMPL (Unit E3 VET, Apprenticeships and Adult Learning) had been invited a keynote speaker. He set out the European Commission’s vision for a new ambition for VET for 2020 and how it would be funded as part of new Multiannual Financial Framework, including the new Erasmus programme. Furthermore, Veronique Feijen (MBO Raad – NL), who is EFEE’s representative in the ET2020 on VET, presented the plans and priorities of the new Working Group cycle (2018-2020). It was discussed how the work of EFEE could be better linked to the activities of the ET2020 Working Group. It was agreed that as first step it would be helpful to create a digital communication tool that would enable EFEE representatives in ET2020 Working Groups to have direct contact with interested EFEE members for feedback and dissemination purposes. Furthermore it was suggested to increase EFEE’s policy impact on VET by focusing on digitalisation in VET, a topic which is both relevant for EFEE members as for the ET2020 WG on VET. Further actions will be taken in this field beginning of 2019. Moreover the members were informed on the proposal for a joint project of the MBO Raad, EFEE and ETUCE on Lifelong Learning for All: “Social Partners in Education promoting quality and inclusive VET to enhance lifelong learning for all” (awaiting for decision of the EC on the grant).

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