On 19 October 2020, EFEE members came together online for the EFEE Policy Working Group (PWG) Plenary. The participants were provided with a policy overview of the latest developments in the education sector both on a European and international level, with specific attention given to the participation of EFEE Secretariat in certain policy developments. Subsequently, the PWG was introduced to two upcoming projects that EFEE will lead in 2021. The first project is entitled “Strengthening the capacity of education employers within the European Semester process” and aims to strengthen the voice of education employers at the EU-level in the framework of the European Semester process. The second project is focused on “Quality of Teaching and Management in Higher Education” and examines the contribution of social partners with regards to enhancing the quality of teaching and management in higher education in the EU against the backdrop of the BFUG Rome Communiqué. The meeting was closed by presentations from the EFEE representatives to the ET2020 Working Group on Digitalization and the ET2020 Working Group on Schools. The former presentation mainly focused on the recently published Communication on the Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027), which has become even more relevant due to the distance learning imposed on many European education institutions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The latter presentation provided the PWG with a valuable insight into the European Commission’s report on “Supporting teacher and school leader careers”. The report emphasizes the need for a more sustainable education system where the intercorrelation between better education and the quality of teachers’ and school leaders’ career opportunities is recognized.

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