On 24th January 2019, EFEE General Secretary together with a number of EFEE member organizations participated in the Forum on the Future of Learning 2019, organized by the DG EAC of the European Commission. The event was focused around six different reports prepared by external experts providing their vision for European cooperation in the field of education and training after 2020 covering different themes. During this event special workshops were organized to allow social partner and civil society organizations to give their first feedback concerning the mentioned reports. EFEE GS was invited to comment on the Report concerning Investment, Governance and Reforms. In his address, EFEE GS underlined the need to promote schools as learning institutions, accumulating institutional knowledge over time. In addition to this, he underlined the importance of effective school leadership, within may drive bottom up innovation in the education system. He also mentioned the need of assuring that the main focus is put on the desired objectives to be achieved that should be supported by necessary investment.   
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