On 18 March 2021, the European Commission hosted a live streamed webinar to discuss the role of teachers and teachers’ educators in the European Education Area and the potential of the Erasmus + Teacher Academies. The webinar opened with an introduction of two keynote speakers, Ms Themis Christophidou, Director-General, DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture and Mr João Costa, Secretary of State of Education, The Portuguese Presidency of the Council. The tremendous impact of the pandemic on education systems has unveiled the need for effective responses to address the current challenges, which notably include shortage of teachers, digital skills and pedagogical competencies, attractiveness of the profession, and the need for quality initial and continuous teachers’ education. Against this background, the Erasmus+ Teacher Academies will support and bring together teachers and teachers’ educators to collaborate on crucial topics such as inclusion, sustainable development, multilingualism and digital learning. Social partners were also invited to this webinar to set out their vision behind this new initiative. Daniel Wisniewski, EFEE General Secretary outlined the opportunity for school leaders to gain European experience and the possibility to compare different school settings and organizations across Europe. The webinar ended with the closing remarks of Mr João Costa, summarizing the two following key messages: teachers should be actively involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of the relevant policies and the COVID-19 crisis has opened a window of opportunity to reinforce and set new actions in favor of teachers and teachers’ trainers. The Erasmus + Teacher Academies is expected to roll-out over Q1 of 2022.

For more details, please contact daniel.wisniewski@educationemployers.eu