On 25th January 2017, EFEE’s General Secretary met with ETUCE and the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA), in order to discuss the possibility for development of the Online Interactive Risk Assessment Tool (OiRA) for education sector.

OiRA tool allows to build  easy-to-use and cost-free online tools that can help micro and small organizations to put in place a step-by-step risk assessment process – starting with the identification and evaluation of workplace risks, through to the decision making and implementation of preventative actions, to monitoring and reporting.

During the meeting, the officials of EU-OSHA presented the process of creation of the tool, and offered resources for its development available as of January 2017. The tool is created by a developer hired by the European agency who receives input from the Steering Committee. The group of experts should include representatives from employers’ and employees’ organizations committed to develop this tool, and able to devote their time during 18 months of the project. The process should include 4 Steering Committee meetings and a dissemination conference organized in Brussels.

During the meeting all parties involved decided to launch the project as of March 2017.

For more information contact: daniel.wisniewski@educationemployers.eu Mikko Rantanen Authentic Jersey