Upon invitation of the European Commission, EFEE contributed to the social partners consultation on a possible proposal for a Council Recommendation establishing a Quality Framework for Apprenticeships. With high levels of youth unemployment in recent years, apprenticeships have been high on the agenda. The push for providing more apprenticeship opportunities against the background of high youth unemployment can go at the expense of quality. Despite important work on the issue, there is no common understanding of what constitutes quality apprenticeships across Europe. Therefore the European Commission reached out to European social partners on their views on establishing a Quality Framework for Apprenticeships.

On behalf of EFEE, Manfred Polzin of the Dutch Association of VET colleges (MBO-raad) participated in the Social Partners Consultation Hearing, which took place in Brussels on 30 March. During this event representatives of European Social Partners discussed the need and scope of a possible quality framework. Furthermore, EFEE provided written input to the consultation, after consulting with its members. The written input is available hereTravis Konecny Jersey