In light of the Tripartite Social Summit of European Cross-Industry Social Partners and the European Commission, which took place on 16 March, EFEE and the other members of the Public Services Employers’ Forum (PSEF) published a Joint Statement on Digitalisation. The digital era is transforming our societies and economies by introducing new ways of using and providing services, creating new production processes and producing massive quantities of data and information. The transition towards a digital economy is crucial for the competitiveness of our economy and for growth and jobs. By providing essential infrastructures and services to citizens and businesses in areas such as public administration, electricity, broadband, public and rail transport, public service media, social services, healthcare and education, public services providers are key actors in a successful digital transformation. Digital Single Market policies must therefore support European public services and be fit for purpose in a rapidly changing environment characterised by a globalised market and technological convergence on all platforms. Furthermore members of PSEF called upon the European Commission and Member States to adopt a comprehensive approach on digital skills and training as part of the Digital Single Market Strategy and the upcoming New Skills Agenda for Europe, taking into account the needs of all sectors. In this regard, public and private investment in vocational training is essential.

The Joint Statement is available here.

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