The role of the Education and Training Working Group on Adult Learning 2016-2018 was to identify policies that promote and support workplace learning of adults. On behalf of EFEE, Fiona Maloney of Education and Training Boards Ireland (ETBI) participated in the Working Group. With the final report, the Working Group provided key messages for policy development along with case studies to inspire new thinking. In the report it is stated that: “As the types of skills needed in the labour market change rapidly, individual workers will have to engage in lifelong learning if they are to achieve fulfilling and rewarding careers. In today’s fast-changing world, every country needs to be sure that its workforce has the right skills for the labour market; every employer needs to be sure that its employees have the right skills set to remain competitive; and every adult needs to keep updating and extending his or her skills in order to remain employable and to play a full part in society. Adult learning in the workplace that responds to individuals’, employers’ and societal demands needs to become a policy priority.” The report is available here: Mike Piazza Authentic Jersey