On 16 June 2021, the EFEE General Assembly convened online due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The meeting opened with a keynote speech from Mr. Georgi Dimitrov, Head of Unit responsible for the implementation of the Digital Education Action Plan, DG EAC. Mr. Georgi Dimitrov, presented to the participants the general state of play of digitalisation at the EU level and recall to the cornerstone european initiative: the Digital Action Plan which core objectives are to promote high performing digital ecosystems and continuing to develop digital skills and competence with the specific target of “at least 80% percent of the population equipped with basic digital skills in Education and training by 2030”. Mr. Dimitrov further recalled the crucial role of teachers in that regard and informed the audience that the European Commission is currently working on a proposal for a recommendation on blended learning aiming to support the Member States to adapt their systems toward a more flexible and inclusive way of learning and teaching. In his keynote speech, Mr Dimitrov, also noted the launched the Erasmus Teacher Academies and highlighted that those initiatives are open to cooperation between all relevant stakeholders and that “the digital transformation cannot be addressed only at the ministry level”.

Following the keynote speech of the Commission representative, EFEE General Secretary presented to the General Assembly the financial report of EFEE accounts in 2020 and at a later stage, the vote of confidence was approved. After providing an overview of the state of EFEE accounts at the end of May 2021, the meeting led to a discussion on the progress of implementation of EFEE Work-Programme 2021 and EFEE involvement in the new EC initiatives, including ET 2025 Working Groups, the Education for Climate Coalition, Digital Education Hub and ENETOSH joint project with the International Labour Organisation on OSH in Higher Education. Lastly, the General Assembly was informed about EFEE upcoming projects for 2022 and the calendar of EFEE meetings and events for 2021.

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