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In view of the growing influx of migrants to Europe and the follow-up of the Paris Declaration, policy makers at European and national level are increasingly seeking to strengthen the role of education in promoting citizenship and the common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination, and in facilitating migrants’ integration in the host society. EFEE deems it important to strengthen the role of education employers in promoting civic education, intercultural dialogue and democratic citizenship via peer learning and policy exchange.

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Education has an important role to play in promoting sustainable economic growth, improving social cohesion and preparing citizens for the fast-changing needs in today’s knowledge society. However in order to reach this full potential, our education systems will have to be modern, up-to-date and efficient. This requires innovative management solutions and an excellent teaching force, both key themes for EFEE.

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Europe’s ambitious agenda for economic and social development is critically dependent on the strength of its knowledge economy and the human capital that underpins it. Supporting and developing our next generation of researchers is therefore of fundamental importance if we want to guarantee Europe’s competitiveness in a global economy, according to EFEE.

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To mark the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, our friends at the Federation for European Education are organising a webinar entitled ‘Interculturality from the Standpoint of Ambassadors’ on Tuesday 21 May from 14h00 to 17h00 CET 🇪🇺🤝


We came all the way to Billund, Denmark 🇩🇰 for the ‘Schools+ Third Global Community Meeting’ organised by the #OECD at Legoland!  ✨🧩

Here in the Capital of Children we’re discussing #evidenceinformed practices,the future of education and much more.📚


We're live from the 2024 ELNE Annual Conference!🎓

A welcome from representatives of the ELNE lead partners opens by introducing the network's work and goals through the perspectives of all major stakeholders in the European education sector 🇪🇺🤝


We kick-off the2⃣day in Budapest with a visit to Gyermekek Háza public school!🇭🇺

Together with @ETUCE_CSEE we hear from the school director and teachers about the school's history, curricula and structure - attending some Hungarian , English and Math classes ourselves!🧑‍🎓📚

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