Budapest Metropolitan University (METU) is looking for an experienced and dynamic candidate for the position of Rector. The appointment for the position starts from 31 October 2023 and lasts up to a maximum of 60 months. The post is located in Budapest and the position is full-time.


More information about Budapest Metropolitan University

Budapest Metropolitan University (METU) is the biggest private university in Hungary operating as a university of applied sciences. METU has a student body of approximately 7,000 students including an international student community of 1,000 pursuing their studies in the field of communication, business, tourism, applied arts and creative industries. METU offers 22 undergraduate degree courses, 18 graduate degree courses, 7 higher-education vocational training courses, 18 postgraduate specialist training programmes in addition to numerous undergraduate and graduate degree courses in the English language for international students.  

METU has a sharp focus on practice-based professional learning and teaching adapted to the demands of the labour market, the personalized support of individual educational pathways of students and the development of social competences. In line with these aims, the university has developed myBRAND, its own educational methodology programme. 

Students at METU are considered to be clients as well as partners in education.  


The vision of METU

is to become the leading market-based university of the region via strong international expansion by developing its scientific, educational and research potential both in Hungary and internationally in addition to developing relationships with major stakeholders of the economy, particularly in the field of creative industries. Pursuant to the above goals, the internationalization of the everyday operation and the community of the university, as well as incorporating the activities of METU in the European Union partnership programmes are of equal importance and targets to be achieved in the short term. 


The mission of METU

is to provide access to knowledge, education and culture to a broad range of students with diverse prior knowledge and competences aiming to maximize social impact. 


The University of Creativity concept

The credo of the institution is embodied in the University of Creative Industries concept putting heavy emphasis on learning by creating and making the operation of the University open to the outside world embedding it in the economic, social, innovative and cultural ecosystem 



Name of the assignment

  • Rector 


Duration of assignment 

  • the appointment for the position of Rector starts on 1st October 2023 up to a maximum of 60 months. The period is determined by the publisher of the call for application. 


Employment status

  • full-time employment (based on the Labour Code), as a senior manager. 


Place of work

  • the registered office of the University: 1148 Budapest, Nagy Lajos király útja 1-9. 
  • location of the Rector’s Cabinet: 1117 Budapest, Gábor Dénes u. 4., Infopark C building. 



  • negotiable  


The Employer’s Rights

  • the employer’s rights for the Rector are exercised by the Executive Board of the Owner 



The Rector is responsible for duties related to the management of the academic fields of the University. In line with that, the Rector 

  • coordinates the achievement of the strategic objectives of the university and the implementation of the University of Creative Industries concept; 
  • coordinates and develops the University’s educational, research and scientific activities; 
  • manages the organisational units belonging to the Rector’s field; 
  • supervises and develops the training portfolio of the University; 
  • manages and extends the national and international professional, educational, research and academic relationships of the University; 
  • is responsible for professional cooperation with other higher education institutions, the national organisations and bodies of higher education; 
  • ensures the compliance of the University’s training programme with relevant legislation; 
  • represents the institution at academic forums and in international relations; 
  • ensures the implementation and development of the University’s myBRAND educational methodology programme; 
  • cooperates with the authorities and the Executive Board of the owner, especially in the course of designing the long-term strategy, achieving strategic goals and executing the Executive Board’s resolutions; 
  • exercises the employer’s rights over Vice-Rectors and Deans; supervises the exercise of delegated employer’s rights in terms of faculties, knowledge centres and other academic organisational units;  
  • represents the University at the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference, participates in its work actively contributing to the exchange of information; 
  • cooperates with the Ministry of Culture and Innovation (KIM) in creating and implementing the sector’s regulatory policies and coordinates the tasks and data provisions assigned by KIM; 
  • cooperates with the Hungarian Accreditation Committee in accreditation procedures related to the introduction and sustenance of courses as well as the management of processes related to University lecturers’ applications; 
  • performs tasks related to the modification of the institution’ operating license and to the introduction and founding of training programmes; 
  • performs tasks related to the higher education admission procedure as stipulated by relevant legislation and 
  • maintains contact with representative bodies and the Student Union in connection with matters in the Rector’s scope of authority. 


Conditions of Application

  • Master’s degree or equivalent university-level degree and qualification; 
  • Academic degree; 
  • For the Rector’s appointment the applicant must comply with the legal requirements for the employment of a university professor / college professor / associate professor / scientific advisor or research professor; 
  • Management and organizational skills and knowledge gained in a higher education institution and minimum 5 years of leadership experience; 
  • Minimum one “C” type, B2 level language exam certificate and fluency in English; 
  • Clean criminal record, the applicant cannot be under the effect of being banned from practising their profession. 


The Potential Applicant must have the Following Competences:

  • Entrepreneurial thinking; 
  • Expertise in research and development; 
  • Experience in innovation management; 
  • Sense of responsibility and autonomy at work; 
  • Mature leadership attitude; 
  • Ability to delegate tasks and motivate colleagues; 
  • Excellent communication, negotiation and people skills; 
  • Outstanding cooperation and collaboration-creation skill; 
  • Excellent organization- and problem-solving skill, high-level process development skill; 
  • Reliability, professional dedication; 
  • Efficient, loyal professional career; 
  • Resolute and dynamic attitude; 
  • Digital competences; 
  • Interdisciplinary approach; 
  • Fluency in English and Hungarian and 
  • Willingness to travel. 


Advantage to being appointed:

  • Experience as corporate CEO, company director or at senior level management; 
  • International experience; 
  • Teaching experience; 
  • Experience in accreditation and specialization development; 
  • Competence in talent nurturing; 
  • Experience in quality assurance; 
  • Membership in professional organizations. 


Mandatory Content-Related Elements and Appendices of the Application

  • Detailed professional CV signed and dated, including the applicant’s: 
    • Academic degree;  
    • Work accomplished in national and international professional organizations, a brief list of participation in international professional activities, 
    • Work history in professional, educational, academic research fields and achievements of leadership activities and professional work; 
  • Professional cover letter (maximum 10 pages long) introducing the applicant’s plans regarding the management and long-term strategy of and innovation at Budapest Metropolitan University as well as their view on the achievement of the above assuming an appointment for five (5) years, and detailing the progress and feasibility of implementation by showing milestones at year one (1) and year three (3); 
  • List of publications, 
  • Copies of certificates of qualifications, academic degrees authenticated by a notary; 
  • Copies of language certificates authenticated by a notary; 
  • The applicant’s declaration of consent to the management and forwarding of their personal data including disclosure to third parties in relation with the application. (The Data management information and the declaration of consent can be accessed and downloaded from the University’s website at 
  • An extract from the judicial record not older than 90 days and 
  • Any information and document that the applicant might find important.  


Submission and Deadline of Application

  • The application and its appendixes shall be submitted electronically, in PDF format in an e-mail addressed to until 31st May 2023. 


Information about the Application 

  • In case of any question about the application, please contact for information. 


Assessment of the Application

    • Applications received are checked from formatting requirements by the President’s Cabinet of the University establishing its validity or invalidity. After that all of the applications (including the valid and invalid ones as well) are forwarded to the President-CEO who ranks all the valid applications and forwards them and invalid applications to the publisher of the call for application; 
    • The personal interview of the candidates for the Rector’s position that comply with the requirements of the application is expected to be held between 12th June and 30th June 2023; 
    • The decision on the proposal related to the Rector’s appointment is made by the Executive Board of the Owner; 
    • The proposal for the Rector’s appointment is put forward to the Minister responsible for higher education; 
    • The Rector is appointed by the President of Hungary acting upon the proposal from the Minister.  


Download the Call for Application in PDF