On 4 June 2021, the second peer learning and training seminar of the new EFEE project “Strengthening the capacities of education employers within the European Semester process” took place, targeting education employers from northern European countries. Due to COVID-19 circumstances, the webinar was hosted virtually in Greece.

Objective of the workshop was to provide participants with a profound understanding of the European Semester and its impact on education policies on both the EU and national level. Moreover, it aimed to provide members with a concrete set of tools to strengthen their voice in the course of the European Semester process.

In this regard, the workshop was divided into three sections, revolving around three major questions, on which attendees elaborated under the experienced guidance of Prof. Howard Stevenson from the University of Nottingham:  What is the European Semester? Why should education employers get involved in it? How can education employers get involved in the European Semester?

Against the backdrop of these questions, participants developed a toolkit with will help them to strengthen their voice in the European Semester process with regards to national issues of their concern. The outcomes of the first and second workshop will be shared in the framework of the final conference, taking place on 17 November in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Further details on the conference will be shared with members in the upcoming months.

For more details, please contact samira.buhrer@educationemployers.eu