From 20 to 22 April, EFEE attended the ATEE conference “Teaching and Learning for an Inclusive, Interconnected World”, which took place from 20 to 22 April in Sestri Levante, Italy. Please find the agenda of the conference here:

In the framework of the conference, EFEE presented the envisioned joint project with ATEE titled “Capacity building of education employers through the promotion of teacher induction programmes”. EFEE will apply in the framework of this year’s European Social Dialogue call managed by DG Employment and Social Inclusion, with the launch of the project to be envisioned to take place in spring 2023. 

The project is research oriented and aims at identifying effective and efficient best practices of induction programmes for novice teachers, as well as at detecting current opportunities and challenges in the current cooperation models between teacher education providers, employers and individual schools in teacher induction.

Against this backdrop, three cornerstone events will be organized in the form of conferences, which will include visits to local educational institutions from different European Union Member States, this project will map the existing teacher induction practices in the European Union Member States, detect national and regional opportunities and challenges to implement such programmes, and identify the most successful practices of induction in order to redesign teacher induction programmes while taking into account each state’s and institution’s own context. 

The main target groups of this project will therefore be employers in education and teacher education representatives from all levels of education who will benefit from the research findings and from the exchange of knowledge on the topic from the project partners, education personnel and other external education stakeholders about successful induction programs and practices.